Monday, December 26, 2011

General Hospital Spoilers Week of December 26th

Tuesday - December 27th
  • Sam and Patrick exchange supporting words about family and marriage. 
  • Carly gets Shawn a dog.
  • Dante catches Delores in the evidence room again.
  • Sonny and Kate discuss their relationship status.
  • Sonny arrives hoping for help from his son when he sees something peculiar.
Wednesday - December 28th
  • Michael visits Carly.
  • Olivia tries to save Lulu’s cooking.
  • Sonny flexes his verbal muscles with Anthony and Johnny. 
  • Dante and Lulu have a romantic evening
  • Sonny asks Dante for help.
Thursday - December 29th
  • The Woman in White leaves a message for Ethan. 
  • Liz and Maggie discuss their relationships.
  • Tracy calls out Lulu.
  • Liz has a flashback with a clue.
Friday - December 30th
  • Sam has a nightmare. 
  • Robin and Patrick share a loving evening with Emma.
  • Everyone gathers at the New Year’s Eve Metro Court bash.
  • As Jason rushes home, a shadow runs into the street, and there is an accident
  • convinces Maxie to help him dress up for NYE – and she gets jealous of his intentions for the Woman In White